Friday, September 9, 2016

Labor Day Weekend Away!

Since we had a long weekend at Peter's Great-Grandma's house back a year ago, the kids have been talking about it and begging for another opportunity to go play at her beach.  This has been a chaotic and crazy summer but we wanted to make it a priority to get away and I am glad we found the time! We also drug along some reinforcements for the kids in the form of grandparents! 

The drive is long, especially for the kids but as they get older it seems to get easier every time! They've finally discovered that sleeping makes the travel easier! 

We got there just in time for sunset and to enjoy watching the kids run around in her backyard! 

The next day we played games while Lillybelle napped 

And enjoyed a fun family day at the beach. The weather could not have been any more perfect with the kids even being able to get in swimsuits! It was a simple day of fun and joy!  There's just something about watching my kids at the ages they are right now and wanting to pause time for just a little bit longer.  

Grandma spoiled us rotten all weekend with lots of food, complete with a fish fry for dinner, yum! 

The next morning we were up bright and early for some clamming on the beach! This was a new experience for most of us. 

We have enough for dinner! 

After almost everyone took a nap, the kids enjoyed some art time with great grandma! 

The guys had their work cut out cleaning clams! 

And then dinner was served. We were surprised to see how much the kids loved those clams they caught!  

The night ended with a campfire and marshmallows of course! 

And then it was time to head home, but we still wanted to make the most of the time left before returning to reality. So a drive up the coast and a stop at the aquarium which was a perfect mid point stop on the drive home. 

And Eli had a crab on his mind the entire weekend, so a stop to pick him up a crab on the way home!  

He was pretty proud! 

Grandpa Fair stopped by and helped show us what to do with it. 

And we have some crab loving kids on our hands too! 

For some reason Eli became very sad about the eating of the dead crab and his father made one of those decisions that maybe would be better to discuss with his wife first,  but the result of this conversation means we are apparently on the hunt for a hermit crab to join the family. 

It was a wonderful weekend away and came at a great time for our family.  Now we settle into fall and soccer and school and just life in general.  I sure do love my little family though!