Sunday, September 25, 2016

Foster pup #14 - Zumi

Once we dropped off our trouble making puppies, we were exchanged with a sweet little pup named Zumi. Zumi was technically old enough to spend the week at the rescue but I think they liked the idea of her being in a foster home and getting that experience. Plus we had a fun time with her so it was a win/win! 

Sweet Zumi was a mama's girl from the second she came in the door. I loved all the sweet snuggles I got from her! 

Now the funniest part of all this is that she was more than mildly annoyed with Peter.  She thought I was her person and that he needed to keep his distance from me!  I never let them on the bed but she got away with it for some extra snuggles before bed which kind of forced Peter OFF the bed as she growled at him the whole time!  

(I will say that this is more tongue in cheek than anything.  The dog would never REALLY get priority over Peter and she was kenneled every night for sleep.  We just had lots of laughs over her attitude toward him all week, especially after the last pup bit him!) 

She was so sweet!

She reminded me a lot of sweet Shirley, the foster pup I wanted to keep!  She very much loved me and I really enjoyed the snuggle time!  I am thrilled to know she quickly found her home and everyone at the rescue says she got a good one.  They said they even cried when their application was approved.  So I am sure she is going to have a wonderful life with her people. She deserves good ones!