Friday, October 14, 2016

Foster Pup #15 - Salt

A few weeks ago I heard about the rescue picking up a litter of very tiny puppies that they had found posted on a local craigslist for free. For the protection of these tiny little guys the rescue stepped in and went and got them so that they could make sure they were healthy and found safe homes.

After they had been here for a little bit I got asked to take on this little guy named Salt.  He was in a foster with his sister, but he wasn't doing too great.  He wasn't eating or drinking and was described as a depressed puppy.  The foster home he was in, the lady worked and they were hoping a home where he could get a little bit more attention would help him out.  Attention would not be a problem in our home! 

I was genuinely worried about him on day one. He was tiny for his age and just seemed lethargic and completely uninterested in his puppy food and was throwing up whenever he would eat anything. He did seem sad. Eli has an incredible way with all the puppies in our home though and was more than happy to give him some extra love and attention. 

After a few days of snuggles and a special diet just for him of ground chicken and yogurt, he was on the mend and gaining some weight. His tummy was full and happy. 

Did I mention he got lots of snuggles?!?

Finally eating! 

Now as our 10 days with the little guy come to a close, he is a completely different puppy.  He's rambunctious and getting into trouble. His little tail is always wagging, and he seems to be gaining a lot more strength in his hips that we were a little concerned about being weak.  He's chubbed up and is happy! 

And tomorrow the next step in his journey begins as he will go to his new family!  I am so happy that the rescue stepped in to save these little puppies, they are adorable!  While sometimes the work of caring for them and cleaning up their messes gets old, I love the snuggle time and extra love I get to give them in the short time they are with me.  Have a good life Salt!