Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cleaning off the Phone - End of Summer Edition

Had to clear off the darn phone again (yeah, I may take a few pictures) so thought I would recap some of the moments that maybe didn't deserve a full blog post. 

I did acknowledge our anniversary quite heavily on the blog, but we had a wonderful day celebrating the occasion. We aren't much for taking selfies but thought we should at least get one photo to commemorate the occasion. 

The day after our anniversary was one of our favorite occasions for our small town, The kids had a blast! 

Eli celebrated his 5 and a half birthday! 

The kids sat with us and watched their first ever olympic opening ceremonies. I was actually quite impressed they were able to hang in there as long as they did. 

But eventually sleep won out for our party animal, go figure. 

One of the highlights for our boys this summer was that they both learned how to ride a bike

Their some pretty cool dudes! 

Mal loved watching Ethiopia make history 

The garden gave us quite a yield and the kids were super proud 

My parents felt bad that the princess didn't have a bike of her own, so of course grandparents saved the day!

This is a common occurrence

Doctor Malachi at the doctors office 

We are officially in the busiest time of life that we've ever had.  Running kids from activity to activity and throwing school into our day too.  I'm definitely feeling like a soccer mom! 

We had family pictures taken (more on that later) and the view was just so gorgeous!  We live in a such a beautiful place! 

Night owl, hanging out with us far past her bedtime. 

Fun with Auntie Rachel at the state fair! 

We've tried to enjoy football season, even if our team isn't very good! Fans through thick and thin! 

My weekend snuggle bug! 

As if there's no shortage of activities to take care of around here, we're trying to get a few more summer projects complete before we're out of time! 

And Saturday morning Soccer has begun! First week was beautiful weather! 

The boys did awesome and we were so proud of their final goal count! 

More work being done! 

My cute little girl who was begging for someone to play ball with her

We also moved Peter's grandma into town. Loving all the new Keyser's coming to our little town! 

My breakfast buddy! 

The boys recently moved up to the big kid class at Taekwondo!  Very proud of their moves! 

And this week with soccer was a wee bit rainy.  Some of the girls had fun, some not so much! 

Life is oh so busy right now. It seems like we hardly have a moment to breathe. It's definitely a phase in life that presents challenges and I'm trying to muster up a blog post about that in my brain.  It's never good when I still wake up exhausted in the morning, but it is fun watching our children grow and experience things in life too.  A very busy summer is quickly turning into the busiest fall we've had too.  I see no signs of it stopping, so we are doing our best to adjust to this newest phase of life we are in with school age children. We are blessed with each one of them and each moment and memory!