Monday, August 29, 2016

Foster Pup #9 - Saint

I was fully expecting a week off from foster pups but after the weekend, I got a sweet SOS for a little guy who wasn't adopted and needed a foster family through the week.  It was actually Sawyer's brother Saint.  I was a little worried that he would also be a high needs case, but he actually ended up being one of the sweetest puppies we've had to date! And pretty darn cute too! 

He and I pretty much instantly bonded and he followed me everywhere.  If I sat down, he was right next to me, if I got up, he was right behind me. He would drag his food dish wherever I was and was just my constant companion all week. Even outside, he would stay nearby. 

Eli loves ALL the puppies and is great with them! 

I'll admit this was yet another one I struggled a tiny bit to let go, but I knew I had done my job. A puppy we were told was "shy" easily acclimated to our family and bonded with me. If he could bond with me, he could bond with his new permanent family too!