Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Gender Reveal!

The whole Keyser family has been quite excited as there will a new little addition joining the family later on this year with Peter's brother Andy and his wife Rachel!  This is especially exciting because they recently moved down from Seattle and are only 5 minutes away now!  

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend several appointments with my sweet sister-in-law and with her being higher risk, she has gotten the opportunity to get quite a few more ultrasounds than a "normal" pregnancy would. Fortunately mom and baby are doing great so we've been able to relax and have had fun trying to figure out this little one's gender.  First she had an ultrasound at 16 weeks and we were hoping we could do the big gender reveal at that point in time.  A whole scavenger hunt for Andy had been planned (as he's newly employed and has been unable to attend the ultrasounds) and in the end everyone would find out together what the gender of the baby would be. Well baby was quite stubborn at that appointment and would not uncross those legs!

Fortunately another ultrasound was scheduled for 3 weeks later and we were sure we would be able to find out again.  No such leg as baby STILL did not want to uncross those legs.  Just in general, baby was quite stubborn and would not show a lot of parts, so they wanted to do another ultrasound a week later.

Fortunately this one went great and baby is looking nice and healthy and it wasn't long before the secret paper was delivered into my safe hands! Peter and I were tasked with the prep work and keeping a really big secret all afternoon. Fortunately the time was short but I had to work extra hard not to blow this surprise! 

Finally we were off on the hunt. It was kind of a this "is the life of Andy" in his hometown where he grew up and everyone seemed to have a good time. Peter ran ahead with the clues to the next stop as we all traveled together to the spots. 

Then it was off to Andy and Rachel's new home where the big reveal would take place!  Peter and I got into position in the soon to be nursery and waited for everyone to catch up.  They got all of Rachel's family on facetime as they didn't live in the area and then they opened the door for the big surprise! 


Pretty sure almost everyone was SHOCKED to see that IT'S A GIRL!!! 

All of our kids were on team pink and are thrilled to have a new baby girl cousin to play with soon! 

We all can't wait to meet sweet Matilda Rose and have her join the crazy Keyser clan!  I will always take a new baby to love and we are so happy for Andy and Rachel to grow their little family!