Monday, August 1, 2016

LB turns 2!

On July 28th our baby girl turned 2!  I cannot even believe how fast these last 2 years have gone, but I can't even keep the tiniest of our kiddo's from growing up so I tried to embrace it.

We started our morning off with some pancakes and singing.  She is really good at singing to herself! 

Poor Peter was not able to take the day off as he normally does for the kids but we still made the most of it and snuck off to the nearby toy store while brothers were at Taekwondo. 

She got a few fun toys picked out! 

Birthday girl wasn't really in a napping mood but she did fall asleep after daddy made it home to take her out to dinner. 

And then we still celebrated with our girl at one of the first restaurants we ever took her to at 2 days old!  Southern girl through and through! I think she enjoyed it more this time! 

And then home for donuts and cookies and more singing and candles! 

And then after a very busy weekend, we still had some partying to do!  

Her cake was adorable and it was built twice by my poor mom after the first one collapsed

Adorable cupcakes too!

And one delighted birthday girl! 

Oh sweet baby girl. First and foremost I want you to know you are a blessing in our lives.  Your gorgeous eyes and smile light up the room!  You are a strong baby girl who knows what she wants and that is a good thing. You've had to do your share of fighting and shown your toughness already in life.  You love to be the center of attention and keep us laughing with your silly antics. You are certainly not an introvert like most of us, and that is a wonderful thing.  We need some extroverts to keep this life exciting :)  You have brought so much joy to us and made us so happy!  You are loved not only by us but by your first family too and I want you to always remember that.  I see your beautiful birth mother in you every single day, not just in looks but in glimpses of your personality too.  We cannot wait to continue to watch you grow into the wonderful kid and someday woman you will become.  Don't let any barriers stand in your way, we've got your back and will be cheering you along always! 


S said...

Aww, sweet pictures! Happy Birthday, LB! :-)