Monday, August 22, 2016

Foster Pup #8 - Sawyer

We got our newest little foster pup pretty quick after Miss Shirley left.  This little guy felt like our first "special" case.  Lets just say he was TERRIFIED! But I wanted to win Mr Sawyer over! 

The first night he was super nervous and didn't even want to leave the kennel. I felt so bad for him but gave him his space. 

I put him next to our bed in his kennel as I do with most of the fosters as I've noticed that keeps them from crying all night. But for him I was hoping that would help him get used to me.  The next morning we made some additional progress as he made his way halfway out of the kennel.  I could tell that he BADLY wanted to trust me! 

And then finally success, as he melted with some physical attention. Poor baby! 

My patience with him all week paid off.  He was still super scared and wasn't too fond of the kids but begged for my attention when the kids weren't around. 

He even relaxed enough to rest in my arms!  I knew it had been a succesful week, even if not necessarily easy with him when I dropped him off and said goodbye and he wiggled his little tail at me and wanted to kiss me.  The lady at the shelter even commented that he loved me!  Heart melt!  I am thrilled to know that Mr Sawyer found his family this past weekend and that maybe my work with him helped him be more secure and ready for his family. I hope that he will continue to improve and gain confidence with his new family!