Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Datebox 6 Month Review

Earlier on this year I did a review about one of new favorites - DateBox and shared how valuable these date nights have been to our relationship.  I'm back now to share a few more of the fun date nights we've been able to have, courtesy of Datebox.

For those who might not know, Datebox allows us to have a fully unique and planned date night for us once a month. Then we put the kids to bed and are able to enjoy a fun, and different date night than we would normally ever be able to come up with on our own.  Every month we can't wait to get the next box in the mail and plan a fun night in! 

Datebox #4 surprisingly became one of my favorites. I originally got super nervous about it because I noticed we would be taking a little bit of a dance lesson.  I don't dance.  This one included a fun little home made ice cream sundae kit, where we even made the ice cream and then a little "I Bet I Know You Better" game that we played while eating.  And the funnest part turned out to be the dancing. The videos were a little cheesy but we learned 3 different dances and laughed and had a really good time trying to learn something new together!  

Shaking ice cream! 

Dance lesson, actually pretty well done!

Yummy ice cream to close out the evening! 

Datebox #5, was a little bit of a fail.  The theme was Growth and we were supposed to build herb pots and sip lemonaid together and eat candy!  We still had a lot of fun and chatted while we destroyed these perfectly innocent little pots.  

They were a sad little attempt and our seeds never even sprouted. Green thumb fail but date night success regardless! 

And for Datebox #6, we had our first International Date night and took a little journey to Japan.  I will also mention each date night has a fun little spotify playlist to accompany the theme of the night, so that's an added little treat.  This was also a particularly challenging date night, but still a lot of fun!  We attempted to make sushi (with steak instead of fish for us non fish lovers), read some Japanese proverbs and attempted to make origami.  

Peter totally served me with this one as I sat and chatted with him while he served me tea and made me sushi. It was definitely attractive, I must say!   I enjoyed the conversation and the night off from cooking while I think he enjoyed attempting to make the sushi.  

The origami was a challenge and Peter was way better at it than I was, which was not surprising the way our brains work. But another super fun date night for sure! I hope they continue the trend of throwing in International dates here and there! 

If you would like the opportunity to try your own Datebox or even just learn more, Use THIS referral link to get your own Datebox for $10 off! I know it has been a wonderful thing for our marriage, helping us to grow and think "out of the box" a little for our date nights!