Monday, September 23, 2013

Mission Trip Monday - Part 2

Well, in the busyness of life I kind of missed out on every doing another post in this series. But I am BACK now and plan on doing several more of these as we get closer to travel!  

And seriously, we are just 4 months shy of our big mission trip now!  Time is going so fast!

The next few posts I do in this series will be pertaining to some of the organizations we will be working with while in Ethiopia. The first organization I must highlight is Ordinary Hero!  They are the wonderful organization who will be sending us on this trip and who is facilitating all of the trip arrangements. 

This is one of the first video's I ever saw of Ordinary Hero and it led me to really want to support this organization and someday travel with them - Video Link.  It is kind of a dream come true for me to have this opportunity and I look forward to a trip that I know will change my life and I hope will positively impact others in even a small way.  

Kelly Putty is the founder of Ordinary Hero and she radiates God's love!  She is a world changer and somebody that I can just tell from the small interactions I have had with her, that she is a special person.  She sees a need and she responds! She's a doer!   I am almost giddy and feel like I am going to meet a celebrity since Kelly will be our team leader on our January trip!  

Kelly Putty on one of the OH trips! 

Ordinary Hero does a lot of various projects while in country.  As I uncover a few more of the organizations that Ordinary Hero works with in country, we will talk more about the various tasks we may get to participate on during our trip!

And, if you want to partner up with us and be a part of sending us to Ethiopia you can do so on our fundraising page HERE.  No pressure though!  The posts in this series are just intended to spread some more information about our trip as we prepare to go!