Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Family 2013

The day after we celebrated 7 wonderful years of marriage, we had the opportunity to have family photos taken by a very talented friend who was in town Joy of Life Photography!

I can't help but look at these and realize just how blessed my life is.  Sure we have some really hard days.  How is it raising 3 children under 3?  Well, it's HARD!  It's almost a miracle if all of the kids are happy at the same time!  It's been a journey, but such a wonderful amazing journey!  God has blessed my life beyond what I ever expected! 

I've been with the love of my life for 9 years now, 7 of which we have been partnered together on this crazy journey.  I couldn't do any of this without him standing by my side, and I wouldn't want to either!  Life just gets better and better with him by my side!  

We have been given this beautiful gift of a son in Malachi!  He is full of zest and sass and keeps us on our toes!  I love him for it!  My soul gets lost in his deep brown beautiful eyes.  He is smart beyond his years and I know God has an incredible plan for his life that I can't wait to watch unfold!  

And wow, God blew us away with this set of brother's.  I used to think he had quite the sense of humor giving us boys that are 9 months apart, but they need each and neither one would be complete without the other.  They are beautiful and such a perfect pair.  SO very different in personality from one another but they are the inseparable pair. So thankful God gave us our boys in this exact way!  Wouldn't want a thing about it changed!  

And my little Mr Eli.  Full of silly faces and the best little giggle!  Stubborn like his parents but always mommy's little boy!  So thankful God blessed us with him! Way smarter than he ever lets on and wanting to grow up way too fast!  He has a special kind of sweetness about him, all bundled up in a 2 year old body right now, but I know that tender spirit is there for a reason! 

 And lastly, there is my sweet little Sabrina. The happiest little baby on the planet that brings joy in the purest form into our life!  This little girl completed her mommy's heart!  I didn't even know I needed her, but I most definitely did!  She is amazing and fun and her spunk is going to take her places in life!

Look at these three little munchkins!  I love them all so much!  God's plan for our life was perfect!  3 beautiful babies given to us in 24 months :)  God is great and we have been blessed abundantly!