Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Disneyland Recap - The Races!

Well, we are back from yet another fabulous trip to the Happiest Place On Earth!  This will be a two part post, so in this part we will talk about the amazing Disneyland Races!  

We got the kids settled in with my parents and then were on our way with Peter's parents to the airport for a fun, yet busy labor day weekend in Disneyland!  

Our first stop after getting settled in our room, was the Disneyland Race Expo.  We had to pick up our race packets and shirts and then browse around for awhile.  We even listened to the Disney Nutritionist and picked up some new pointers on proper eating habits! 

After a really yummy steak dinner, it was early to bed to try and get some sleep before my big race. 
It was up before the dawn at 4:45 to get ready and get down to our race corral for the 10K.  We were staying on Disney property at Paradise Pier Hotel which was a huge convenience for getting down to the race start.  We hung around for awhile and ate some pre-race food and stretched.  One thing we noticed right away was the less than ideal race conditions.  Not only was it a very warm 80 degrees at race time, but it was also very humid just to add to the fun!  

Our 10K course is highlighted in red on the map below! Since this was my first time running a 10K race, I didn't know what to expect of myself.  I've ran a few 6 and 7 mile training runs but not so many that I was super comfortable with the distance.  

There was a bit of confusion at the start lines and we were stuck in a caged parking lot with a big crowd for far longer than I liked, but they eventually let us down to our starting corrals and within just a few minutes it was time to run!  

It's Race Time! 

Right out of the starting gate!

A little over 2 miles in and just within the park gates.  This is in a backlot of DCA.  Still moving great at this point!

Running through Carsland, about 2 1/2 miles in! 

First glimpse of Paradise Pier right outside Carsland, getting ready to do that loop!

Finishing up the Paradise Pier loop and enjoying the World of Color fountains!  Almost to the 3 mile mark and starting to feel a bit worn down by the conditions. 

Running Down Mainstreet.  Just about to the 4 mile mark! 

Space Mountain in the early morning hours.  4 Miles down and feeling out of steam.  Was NOT properly prepared for the heat and humidity, but pressing on!  

It's A Small World, right before we headed into the backlot of Disneyland. 

Spent a lot of time in the backlot of Disneyland.  Some of the horses were out to greet us at about the 4 1/2 mile mark.  

Coming out of the backlot and into Toon Town! 

And out to the OTHER side of Small World. 

Through the castle right around Mile 5!  Wishing I could push it into gear, but it was not happening. Just trying to finish and RUN the whole thing at this point!  

Rivers of America and the last portion in the park.  Still running but the clock keeps ticking. Know I am not going to reach my goal time. 

On the final stretch through Downtown Disney!  

Not nearly as fast as I wanted to, but I finished in 1:17:35.  The heat and humidity kicked my behind on this one!  Excited to get to give a 10K another shot and do much better! Still holding my head up high that I ran the whole thing like I wanted to! 

Couldn't have done it without this guy!  

After a day in the park it was early to bed again so Peter could rest up for part 2 of his race weekend.  The weather was so hot and terrible and I was more than a little bit worried about how he would be able to handle the heat for 13 miles.

The Half Marathon race course.  Through all of the Disneyland property, all the way to Angel Stadium and back.  

Watching the race start from our hotel. Hoping to catch a glimpse of Peter!

It's blurry but he's in the middle with a gray shirt and white headband.

An hour and a half later, we're on the backside of the hotel watching him hit the homestretch to the finish line!  (The guy in front of him was blocking out or something.  Peter got by him though!)

He did it and kicked butt doing it!  1:51:30 for his first half marathon in horrible running conditions!  He's amazing and completed the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge to end the weekend with 3 awesome medals!

Overall, it was an awesome race weekend.  Even though I am kind of disappointed in my performance, but it was still a great time and there should be no disappointment for completing a new race level for myself.  I'm going to keep training and pushing myself and hopefully the next time I confront that race course, it won't be so hot!  Peter did amazing and I am so proud of him!  He beat his goal for the weekend and watching him do what he is good at and enjoys doing is really worth the whole trip!

From here, we are going to take a couple weeks to recover and reduce our running before we start the next round of training.  We're also going to be stepping down the distance for our next races.  Peter will be in training for a 10K and I will be stepping back down to 5K prep. Hoping to set a new 5K PR in about 12 weeks!

Slowly but surely, I'm becoming a run addict! 


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