Thursday, September 12, 2013

His Life Mattered

Today my heart is breaking for a friend in my adoption community.  Adoption has brought me together with an amazing group of woman, who even though we've never met, I know would do almost anything for me.  And 3 years ago, as we were bringing our son Malachi home from Ethiopia, this family began their journey through the same adoption agency that we used.  Their journey would take much longer than ours would but they stayed steadfast through it all and waited for the day that they would see their child's face.

Finally after a long wait, 1 month ago their patience paid off as they saw their son's face for the very first time.  Our adoption group celebrated this glorious day! These parents were in love at first sight and speaking from my own experience it does just happen that way.  You can fall in love completely 100% with someone you've never even met.  You can become a mama bear willing to do whatever is necessary (even get a bit crazy) to protect your new little cub!  

1 week ago, some amazing mother's from the group were able to travel to Ethiopia and meet this sweet boy as they picked their little ones up.  They took pictures and loved on this little guy.  They showed him pictures of his mom and dad on the other side of the world who couldn't wait to welcome him home.  Sadly, 1 day later this little guy was hospitalized with pneumonia.  His mommy would never get to hold him and whisper in his ear how loved he is. This morning we read this heartbreaking message: "We love you all. Our God is with us and our God is for us. Our son has gone home to true healing and rest with Jesus. He died with Almaz by his side. He did not die an orphan. He is our son, and we are going to Ethiopia this week to claim him. We cannot bring him home, but we will be there to lay him to rest. He had incredible medical care and lots of love at HH. His little body was just too weak to go on. Pray for us. We love you. Thank you for your prayers. They were felt and heard. We will see you again out precious boy. John 14:18 "I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you."

It saddens me for this precious family that tomorrow they are jetting off in a plane, not full of excitement but of grief as they say goodbye to the son that they loved deeply but never got to hold.  And even though this precious little guy was loved so much by the Hannah's Hope staff in Ethiopia, it isn't the same as his mom and his dad being by his side.  This is why the fact that there are orphans in this world drive me nuts.  No child should die without knowing that someone loves them more than life and would do anything they could to protect and save them.  So many children die on a daily basis without feeling the love of an earthly parent.  It leaves me feeling sick.  Today has been a very difficult day as I try and process this little boy's life and the pain and anguish his parents are feeling right now. 

One thing I do know, is this little boy has touched more lives than he will ever know.  Hundreds of us were feeling the pain of his loss today and I can speak for myself and probably others that I am left in deep contemplation of what I can do to make a difference for the children who have nobody standing in their corner. I am so thankful for this little boy and that God allowed him to be loved by a family, even if it was far away and for a short time.  Sweet, precious Cruz - you were loved and your life mattered!