Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of School!

 Today is the first day of "Preschool" in our house!  The boys are still really young, but Malachi loves to "do school" and loves learning new things!  Eli loves to do whatever Malachi does, so we decided to start them both with a really basic curriculum this year.  It is really simple and fun lesson plans focused on lots of hands on fun and play with a small bit of teaching thrown in.  We will also be doing a lot of reading time together since I know all 3 of the kids will enjoy and benefit from that.  We will also try out some reading readiness skills with Malachi and just see where it takes him.

So for curious minds, the actual curriculum we are using this year is:

Abeka's 2 and 3 year old Preschool Program
and Malachi will also be using Explode the Code books A, B, and C.

I am sure there will be more posts to come with school fun as we dig in to this year.  I have very low expectations and plan on completely taking the boys lead on this.  It is mostly hand's on fun which they truly love!  I was super impressed with how they did today with everything. They LOVED every second of it today so we're off on the right foot!  

Such a big boy and yep, he really does want to be Fireman Sam when he grows up! 

Excited for school time this year, and he wants to be Bob the Builder - for real! 

My wildest dreams were being able to have a homeschool room in our "forever house" and I am so excited that my dream has come true!  Didn't get much done to it this year, but the space is going to be perfect! 


Christina said...

Awww, your little guys melt my heart! They look so happy!! Love your new school space too.