Tuesday, October 1, 2013

School in September

We are now in week 4 of "school" with the boys!  I went in to this year with very low expectations and wanted to just kind of take their lead on things and it has gone great so far!  It is all really simple and fun for the boys!  They ask to do more of it, which is a good sign!  

Our "lesson" time takes around 15 minutes each day.  Malachi loves it and sometimes Eli is in to it and sometimes he'd rather run around and play with toys.  That is okay for me. I don't want to push them at this point.  Our lesson time consists of going over the calendar and the weather.  Bible memory verse time, Bible story time, and prayer time.  Then we do a 5-10 minute lesson on the "theme" of the day.  That has ranged from different colors, to shapes, to words that start with A (like Apples and Ants) to words with B's (bears and butterfly).  Each lesson has a few options of activities and a few days a week a number project or a craft project.  We are using Abeka 2 and 3 year old program with all of this.  We are also doing a lot of storytime on the daily themes and also on the letter of the week! 

Malachi is also supplementing some reading/writing skills with Explode the Code which he loves and is really taking off with!  

Here are some pictures of school in September:

The boy's sitting down to get ready for "lesson" time! 

Working on handwriting and the letter F sound!

Snack time every day they all 3 run over to the couch and to sit down and wait for me to bring the storybooks over for reading time! 

Their "I know my shapes!" awards! 

Malachi was practicing his letter B's in salt when he randomly decided to draw this amazing piece of artwork.  Future artist on our hands?  

Painting with apples on Apple day! 

Painting with apples on Apple day! 

He made ants on a log for Ant day! 

And we made star (and some random football) cookies for astronaut day!

Eli working on art and Mal working on numbers for bear day! 

Eli's bear puppet on bear day! 

And last but not least, Bina gets in on a lot of the fun too.  Mal was pretending to be a caterpillar sleeping in his cocoon for Butterfly day!

All in all it has been a really fun and easy month of school. We all really enjoy school time!