Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stitch Fix #4

As you will remember from my post about a month ago, I only ended up keeping 1 item in my last Stitch Fix and I wanted to grow my very small Fall wardrobe. So the only rationale thing to do was to schedule another one!  So here is my October Stitch Fix!  

Because I have had a few questions about how Stitch Fix works, I figure I would take a few minutes to lay back out the process of signing up and how Stitch Fix works.

So Step 1 is joining Stitch Fix
I believe they still have a small waitlist, but before long they will get you going and in the meantime you can fill out your style profile which is actually kind of fun.  This helps the stylist get to know your style a bit better. Which is important!

The next step after you get your invite to join is to schedule your first fix!  When you schedule your fix, you will pay a $20 styling fee.  The great thing about the styling fee is that it will be applied to the items in your fix. So as long as you love 1 item in that box, the styling fee doesn't go to waste.  It seems pretty typical that they are about 4 weeks out with scheduling, but you also have the option of signing up for a monthly fix if you want to go that route.

Then you try to patiently (or not so patiently) wait for the day that your Fix arrives in the mail!  When your fix arrives you have 3 days to try everything on and decide what you want to keep.  My favorite part besides getting to try things on in the comfort of your home, is that you can mix and match the pieces with things you already have in your closet and see how it looks!  

So what did I get?  What did I get?  When you schedule your fix you have the option of adding a personal note to let your stylist know if there are any special area's she should focus on.  In this fix I asked for affordable and casual fall wear!  And they delivered that in this box!  I definitely appreciated the price point of these items better than some of the other fixes I got! 

First out of the box was this pair of Kut From The Kloth Danny 5 Pocket Knit Pants:

I loved these pants!  They were comfortable and fit good and Peter really liked them. Only drawback is that if you remember back to my last Stitch Fix I bought a pair pretty similar to this.  If they were any other color than black I would have kept them but darn it, I couldn't justify keeping another pair of black pants at a high price point.  Verdict:  Sadly Returned 

                                        Next was this Tua Rowson Shoulder Button Striped Shirt

I liked this one right away.  I'm big in to the style trend of stripes right now.  For Peter it was just a meh response but the price was good and I myself liked it enough to put it in the keep pile.  Verdict: Keeper! 

                                Next up was this 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan

This is a nice addition to probably any wardrobe.  It looked nice and was comfortable.  A bit on the pricey side but I liked the length and how it made it a little bit unique from any cardigans that I own. Verdict: Keeper! 

                               Then there was this Tulle Toby Crew Neck Knit Sweater
 In the box I loved the color, but this was not for me.  Something about holey crocheted tops just isn't for me.  I tried to give it a fair shake and tried a few different styles of tops to wear under it, but it was just a funky top and not my style.  Verdict:  Returned!

                        And lastly was this Evolution by Cyrus Val Metallic Hi-Lo Knit Sweater

When I saw this one in the box, I thought it would for sure be a keeper. I guess that is why looks are so deceiving.  The price point on this one was great and super affordable but I just don't understand the whole High in the front, low in the back style trend.  To make it even worse, the crocheting on the back had like a giant arrow pointing to the rear and that is definitely not something I want to bring any extra attention to.  Verdict: Returned 

First appearances I really thought this was going to be a home run fix for me.  But that is why it is nice to be able to try everything on in the comfort of your home.  I did pick up a few fun pieces to add to my fall wardrobe but am still on the hunt for a few more.

If you are tempted to give Stitch Fix a try and want to help feed my obsession in the process, please use my referral link HERE. And definitely let me know what you think of yours too! 


S said...

I would love to try out Stitch Fix, as I hate shopping and have limited time for it as well. Unfortunately, when I went to their website to fill out a style profile, I learned that they only serve sizes 0-14, and I am currently a size 16 (and have been for years).

Oh well.