Tuesday, October 22, 2013

She's 18 Months!

I don't even know HOW this is possible, but my baby girl has officially turned 18 months.  Gah, I don't like it one little bit, but with that being said, she's been a great joy at every phase and I look forward to watching her explore more of the world around her as we are fully in toddler mode at this house!  

Sabrina is now 22 lbs 6 ounces, which drops her down to the 19% for weight.  She has sprouted up to 32" which is the 57%. Even though she is pretty slim for her age, her doctor didn't seem to have any concerns about it.   She's a great eater so she may just take after her daddy, which we all know she does with appearance anyway!  She is super shy and has some serious stranger danger going on.  The poor nurse couldn't even talk to her without her bursting in to tears. Needless to say, that type of an attitude made for a long exam! 

She's doing great though!  Talking like crazy and using lots of sentences. Our favorite is when she says "Mal timeout!"  She also can count to 12 (accountant in training?!?)  which she picked up all on her own and sings along with me to either 10,000 Reasons or You are My Sunshine when I put her down at night.  Of course I think her singing is about the cutest thing ever!  She hates having a dirty diaper I think could probably start potty training if I was up to it, but we're going to save that for after the holiday's and Ethiopia!  She loves letting me do her hair, or dress her up in cute clothes!  She prefers doll houses and dolls to the numerous boy toys laying around here.  Although, she can also make some gun shooting sounds right up there with her brothers!  All that to say, she is a pure delight and blesses me incredibly.  I am so thankful that God gave us this sweet and happy little girl!