Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Fun!

As much as we hoped life would settle down in the fall, we are still going full steam ahead with no signs of slowing down!  Here's some of our fall fun happenings for your enjoyment!  

Daddy sent Bina upstairs with Mommy's apron on.  She was so cute and that was enough to make my day! 

We finished a small section of the yard and now we have some beautiful grass growing.  One dirt pile gone! 

Checking out baby chicks at the pumpkin patch!  

Looking at the bunny at the pumpkin patch! 

And horses 

Two of my cute men! 

Checking out the chickens.   The boy's had their own little paparazzi between mommy, grandpa, and great-grandma!  

Lots of fun on the slide at the pumpkin patch!  

Love these guys! 

The bounce house was also a huge hit until Malachi started kissing a little girl! 

Pumpkins galore! 

I can pick this one up! 

Sabrina was there too, but she just wanted to be napping. 

The final fun, unfortunately we ran out of tickets which made for some sad boys who could only do the big slide once. 

Lots of Soccer Saturday's.  Malachi's "official" first soccer picture! 

Lots of cheering for OSU!  

And a fun little trip to the children's museum with the boys!  Eli was in heaven in the dig room.

But the water room took the cake for Eli!  

And grocery shopping was the winner for Malachi! Wish he could do my shopping for me! 

Daddy liked the build room! 

And the train set!

It's been a busy season of life but a fun one!  No signs of slowing down with the holiday's on the horizon!