Wednesday, October 16, 2013

3 1/2!

Hard to believe our handsome baby boy is now 3 1/2!  Quickly showing us that he is leaving toddlerhood behind and trying to grow his independence as a preschooler.  

I'm so proud of the little boy he is becoming.  New experiences are often times still scary for him, but he has grown so much bravery!  He loves going to church now which was a huge victory and even was brave enough to play soccer and attend Awana!  Watching him grow more secure in the world and learning to trust has made me so proud of him!  It has been a slow journey but he has grown so much this year!

3 has been a fun age with him.  He is becoming his own person and has his own wants and desires.  He loves Power Rangers and Fireman Sam and is often found either fighting pretend fires or punching and kicking bad guys.  He is intelligent beyond his years and continues to exceed my expectations for him.  His early love for letters is turning in to an early love for reading and writing skills!  We've learned he is an amazing Bible Verse Memorizer and puts his mom to shame.  One or two times through a verse and he has it down.  Awana is geared perfectly for him! He's stubborn, strong willed and loves to test boundaries and while that can be thoroughly exhausting I know it is such a healthy sign and I'm willing to (try and) accept that as a part of who he is right now and embrace the independent little boy he is quickly becoming!

He is still the most energetic child I have ever known!  Every hour of the day is spent running around, yelling and singing at the top of his lungs.  He lives life big and refuses to be constrained by cookie cutter boundaries.  He lives life his own way and  I love that about him!

He's a beautiful little boy inside and out!  I am continually thankful that I have been given this sweet boy!  And while he may be big and loud, he was still made into a thoughtful, tenderhearted, very loving little boy.  I know that God has big plans for this little boy's life!  

We usually do cupcakes for half birthday's but this independent 3 year old insisted that he wanted a cake with M&M's on it and how could I say no to him.  So a half a birthday cake is what we had!  

Happy 3 1/2 Day Malachi.  We love you so so sooo very much!