Saturday, January 30, 2010

Same old, same old

We've had another very good week! We still can't believe that January has gone by so quickly and we are just about to hit February. This is very good news for us as we are really looking forward to spring and hoping we will get to bring our little guy home in late spring!

We made a few more huge strides in the adoption process this week! We received our Favorable Determination Letter from USCIS this week! That is a huge relief as their office was not impressed with my fingerprints. This is also good news as we would not be offered a referral until this piece of paperwork was in place. So we are good to go, nothing is going to stop us now :) and we have NO MORE FINGERPRINTING - Yay!!! Until next time....... and hopefully my fingerprints will be in tip-top shape by the next time :)

We also moved a few more spots on the road to our baby boy this week. It is so hard to predict where you actually are in line but we are somewhere between 7 and 9 on the wait list! So single digits all the way now :) I'm really liking this single digit stuff - definitely feeling really close to the call and we're working on our plans for the call.

We are assuming (unless it comes on a Friday) that I will be at work. They will call me at work and tell me that "we have a little boy that we would like to talk to you about" (seriously, can't wait to hear those words!!!). I will go crazy, leave work as fast as I can (while trying to maintain the legal speed limit. Peter is concerned that I should not be allowed to drive after getting such exciting news!) I will call Peter and let him know that our case worker will be conference calling him in a few minutes. I will get home and call our case worker back (hopefully be able to get a hold of her) and Peter and I will hear all about our son. His name, his birthday, his family story and why they put him up for adoption, his health information, his weight, how many fingers and toes he has, his personality - etc.etc.etc. and then she will send us pictures! So looking forward to seeing his face! After we ooh and ahh over the little guy Peter will drive up to the agency's office and get the referral packet while I let the world know that we have a son and get started on printing his pictures (we are not allowed to post his pictures anywhere online) . We want to get started on the referral packet as soon as possible. The sooner we turn that back in, the sooner we get a court date, the sooner we pass court, the sooner we get to bring him home! That evening we will show his picture off to anyone and everyone who wants to see what he looks like :)

So we have a plan. The best part of families having a plan - it NEVER goes according to plan. Something crazy will happen, I will miss the call so instead they will call Peter. Who knows, but I can't wait to see how our story unfolds!!!

Otherwise, life is more of the same. Working hard for both of us. Peter studying all the time. Both of us very tired at night. Same old, same old. We can't wait to mix it up around here :)


Maria D. said...

I cannoy WAIT!!!! I am super excited for you both! Will you be mailing out a printed newsletter with his picture or do you suppose you'll just wait till the adoption is final to post a pic?