Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 Things I am looking forward to in the New Plus GIT week 2

Like I stated in my last post, last year was really a test for us. We had a lot of tough days. Even after making the decision to adopt, the paper chase and waiting have not been easy. We dealt with a lot of things that we did not know how to deal with but we made it. We are stronger and maybe even better people for the things we had to face last year. So with this new year upon us, I just know we are going to have an awesome and amazing year!!!

So with that I give you my top 10 things I am looking forward to in the new year. (They are in chronological order)

1) On January 4th I will become an aunt for the third time. I am super excited to meet my new baby niece or nephew. Yep, we don't know what it will be and that just adds to the suspense. It has not been an easy road for my brother and SIL but after experiencing two miscarriages we are all very happy and excited for this little one to get here!!!

2) Getting away for a couple of days sometime in January or February. It seems like our weekend get-aways are becoming scarce so we value each one more and more! I am really looking forward to just getting away for a weekend together!!!

3) I am looking forward to referral day. The day that our baby gets a name, a face, and a birthday! I know that day will be filled with a lot of different emotions. Excitement, happiness, but caution as nothing is for sure at this point. I am sure we will also experience sadness as our baby's story is told to us and we grieve for the loss they've experienced in their short life.

4) Getting the news that we've passed court! I know this doesn't necessarily sound like a big day but it is probably the most important day on this adoption journey! This is the day that our child legally becomes our son or daughter!!! It will definitely be a day of celebration as we welcome our first Baby Keyser :)

5) Gotcha Day! The day we've been waiting for. The day we will walk into Hannah's Hope and be handed our little one! I know this will be quite the day and I cannot wait!!! There is no way to put this day into words and I am sure we will be experiencing a lot of different emotions on that day as we take our little one to the hotel and get to know them and allow them to grieve the loss they have just experienced.

6) 4th of July. I imagine that this will probably be our first holiday celebration with our baby. We may get to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day this year but this would be the first holiday surrounded by friends and family!

7) Our 4th wedding anniversary! Every anniversary is a special day and our 4th will be no less special than any of the others. Every year of continued partnership and commitment is worth celebrating if you ask me :)

8) Our trip to Disneyland in September or October. Disneyland is ALWAYS something to look forward to!!! This trip is going to be extra special as it will be Dash's first trip to Disneyland. We've already planned which rides he will do first and who gets to hold him on which ride - Yep, we are going to be those nutty parents running around Disneyland that are more excited about everything than their kids are :)

9) I am not sure when this event will take place, but I am confident that it will happen this year. I am looking forward to being married to a CPA! Peter has been working so hard the last 18 months to pass his CPA exams. It has been a battle and a struggle for him but I just know he will succeed this year and become a CPA and we will celebrate and party when that day gets here!!!

10) Baby's first Christmas. This Christmas was hard but I know that next years Christmas will be fun and exciting as Dash will be experiencing it (or maybe we'll be experiencing it for him) for the first time.

There is quite a bit to look forward to this year and I am looking forward to documenting it all right here as it happens :)

So My Getting It Together Week 2 update:

I will be honest and say that I have not eaten as well this week. Mainly because I haven't been eating much of anything. I have a cold that has gotten me pretty good and I haven't really been hungry so I don't think the eating has really played a factor this week but I do need to try to eat more responsibly.

Working out has proved to be a challenge this week. I did get my Monday workout in but the rest of the week has been a major fail in this department. I have just not felt well enough to workout. I have a cough that will not stop and that wreaks havoc on my back problems. My cold is slowly getting better as of today so I may try to workout today but my back pain is really high today so we shall see.

Like I said last week, I fluctuate weight a lot so I am not really concerned with the weight as much as my measurements. Sometime this week I will take some new measurements and see how I'm doing. The greatest advantage with working out is that I feel so much better and am so much more productive when I workout. So this week I am up 1.6 lbs over my last week weight but still down 3.4 lbs over my starting weight. That is sufficient for this rotten week as I did not do well at keeping up my end of the bargain. Hopefully I feel better soon and get back going in the right direction again!!!


Maria D. said...

Keep focused girl! All these great goals will be accomplished well. Proud of all you are doing!