Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another weekend down!

It has been quite a week in the Keyser household - or maybe I should say quite a year so far! A lot has happened already and the most exciting being getting a little nephew :)

On Tuesday of this week we got our updated wait list numbers. Our agency's home did not take in many children in the month of December due to the fact that they were moving so any movement was a pleasant surprise!

We were able to take 5 links off of our girl chain putting us at #31 for a girl!

We removed 2 links from our boy chain putting us at #16!

The sibling chain has not moved since being wait listed and we are still #14 for siblings.

Even since getting this update we have seen a lot of movement - we are guessing that we are now #29 for a girl and #12 for a boy. We anticipate continuing to see lots of movement in the coming weeks and it is very exciting.

On a negative note, this Friday we were notified that we would now have to have our Favorable Determination Letter in hand before being able to get a referral. This is a new rule our agency is putting on family's to protect the children in their care but it has got us on our knees. When I was fingerprinted for this, the USCIS office did not like my fingerprints but sent them in anyway. We weren't overly concerned about it but now we NEED that letter. So we pray (a lot!)! We are expecting to hear word sometime this week on the decision so any and all prayer is appreciated :)

In other stuff. I had the opportunity to win a "party pack" from Jello and 2 wii games - Your Step Fitness Game and Just Dance game. We had a great time eating new (and free) Mousse Temptations from Jello. They are only 60 calories and were actually quite tasty :)

Peter can sometimes get in the spirit and be a total goober. Here he is showing off the free headbands they gave us!

Then it was time to play. Peter and his family enjoyed playing the Just Dance game. It appeared it was quite the workout!

Peter once again being a goober. I stole his warm coat so he decided to wear mine home. I laughed at him the entire way home :)

I got to meet my precious little nephew this weekend!!! He is so cute and so tiny and so lovable :) I could hold him for hours (okay, so I have held him for hours). He is such a good and
content little baby.

Here are some pictures of him at (almost) one week old!!

Yep, it has been a good week. I expect this week to be equally as wonderful. I expect to continue seeing lots of movement on the wait lists and I also trust that God will provide our Favorable Determination Letter this week!!!!
In Getting it Together - I didn't have the best week. I have been so busy that workouts took a back seat. I gained 1 lb but am still 2.6 lbs under my starting weight. I am still eating good though. I am back on track and I can feel that I am getting in better shape which is my main goal! I expect to see great results this week!!!


Maria D. said...

I am really hoping that you all get the letter you need ASAP!!!

I met this little girl named Melena who was just adopted from Ethiopia in October. She turns 3 this coming Oct. She was ADORABLE!!!! She made me think of you & Peter.