Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's Becoming a Weekly Update

This has been a really low key week, not too much to report. Things just feel really "normal" and we're enjoying that. It seems like 2009 was such a busy year and stressful year so to enter 2010 relaxing and enjoying what time we have left of just the 2 of us - is nice!

We have a few things left to take care of for the adoption. We are quickly approaching single digits on the boys wait list and a lot of advice from other families with our agency is telling us that things move very quickly from time of referral to travel. It is time to think about the not so fun parts of preparing to travel: Medications and vaccinations: I am not afraid of needles, I take shots easily and I donate blood (with the BIG needles) always with complications, but I somehow always end up going back to do it again. But to be honest, something really freaks me out about getting multiple vaccinations in one day. I guess I handled it when I was a baby, so I should be able to deal with it now.

Here is the list of vaccinations we are getting:

Yellow Fever - (some people get the vaccine, some don't. But after seeing how high the mortality rate is if you get it and seeing as there is no treatment option if you get it, besides just being watched - we will probably be getting this one!) 20% chance of flu like symptoms after getting this vaccination - oh joy!

DPT - It has been awhile since we got our DPT boosters so we are both planning on shooting this one up! Bring on the sore arm!!!

Hep A - Thankfully we have both gotten our 3 part Hep B vaccinations but it is highly recommended that we get our Hep A vaccination as we are being told that more than likely we will be exposed to Hep A while in Ethiopia. Apparently this is a 2 part vaccine that should be followed up in 6-12 months but some vaccination is better than no vaccination so we'll get started on it!

Typhoid - We have 2 options with this one. A shot that prevents typhoid for 2 years or an oral pill that will prevent it for 5 years. Since there is a decent possibility that we will return to Africa in the next 5 years, we will get the oral one. I have heard that there is a very good possibility of getting sick after taking this one - yay!

There is also a possibility that the doctors will want to give us a booster of polio and a booster mmr - since there have been advances in those vaccines since we were children - we will see when we get there.

So 3, possibly 5 vaccines. Plus we are debating going into Ethiopia early and site seeing our child's country. We may try to go and meet our compassion sponsored child and if we do that, and leave the big city of Addis Ababa - there are MORE vaccines we will need to get - including menengicocal and rabies vaccines. We would also need to take medication for Malaria so that possibility is still up in the air, but we will start with the basics for now.

We will also be a walking pharmacy in Ethiopia :) I figure it is better to be safe than be sorry and it is time to start collecting drugs!

Elevation Medication: Addis Ababa sits at an elevation above 7500 ft and the city itself goes as high as 9800 ft! That is a high elevation and so we've been warned to bring elevation medication with us because the elevation can upset your stomach and cause your chest to hurt.

Ciprol: The mother of all medications and a lifesaver if we need it. It will kill any bacteria!

Sleep Aids: We will be taking something with us, probably not Ambien, but maybe Nyquil or Benedryl, something so that we can sleep on the loooong plane ride and the first night there. No sleep aids after we get the baby though, cuz sleep deprivation just comes with the territory!

Acidophilus: To prevent stomach issues

Pepto: For stomach issues

Immodium: For stomach issues

and many many more for all the different things we may encounter :) I know after reading this fun stuff you are just dying to hop on a plane and go to Africa aren't you?

We have still not received our clearance from USCIS, but should be getting that any day now. Our agency told us not to start stressing until we are in the top 5 on the wait list but seriously, I fully expect to be at least at #6 on the wait list by the end of next week so I am hoping that we get that clearance soon so I can stop worrying :)

Not much else to report. Just working and waiting to meet our son :)