Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review

2009 was quite a year. It is a year that I am glad to see put behind us. This year changed the course of our lives drastically. 2009 was the year that we learned that our plans are not always God's plan. We grew up and became "adults" this year.

So with that I give you our year in review:

In January of this year we made a decision that I think years from now when we look back on our lives will be a monumental moment in our lives. In January we began Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. We spent less, saved more, ate beans and rice for 6 months and paid off almost $20,000 in debt! Life changing decision that has been worth every sacrifice we've made!

March 18th was a devastating day. It was the day before my birthday and Peter informed me that he had been laid off. Our "dreams" came crashing down. Peter had the dream job and was starting out his perfect career and the economy threw a curve ball that destroyed our plans for our lives. We became desperate for God's help and began to truly seek His will for our lives in a whole new way.

March was not all bad. On March 28th we celebrated our little Juno's 1st Birthday!!!

In April we got away for a few days and relaxed at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, OR. We had a great time getting away from the stresses of life!
In May Peter started his new job at Precision Castparts! It was a true blessing and God showed His faithfulness to us as Peter was only unemployed for 6 weeks. In this economy that is truly a miracle! Peter is so much happier at PCC! He has much better hours and a much better work environment. Things at his previous employer have not improved throughout the year and it is truly a blessing that he is not there and dealing with the stressful work environment.

In June my family took another blow. My grandmother passed away. I especially took this very hard. I am glad that she is no longer suffering but I miss the old grandma and the relationship I had with her.

Needless to say the spring was not easy for us. In the midst of all the other battles we were facing we were also facing a private struggle with infertility. I never thought we would face that road. The spring was a difficult time in our lives but we dealt with it in the best possible way. Instead of turning from our heavenly Father in the battles and struggles - we drew closer to Him. Our relationship with God and each other grew and changed. We trusted God had a plan through all the tears and pain.

In July God revealed His plan for the growth of our family. We felt led to bring our first child into our family through adoption and we never looked back.

We were so excited to turn in our adoption application!!!

On Peter's 23rd Birthday we received news that we were officially accepted into AGCI's Ethiopian program. We were so excited and so happy!!! The paper chase officially began!!!

In September we took our annual trip to Disneyland! We spent a week down there with my family and had a really great time!

In October we did our annual Fruit Loop trip down the gorge! We picked out pumpkins and bought yummy apples!!!

In October we finally finished up the paperchase! We got the great news that our Dossier had been approved and we could finally take a breather and let the waiting begin!!!

At this time our names were also added to the waitlists! We were finally on the countdown at #14 for siblings, #21 for a boy, and #43 for a girl!

In December we celebrated yet another Christmas! This year we had 5 separate Christmas celebrations and had a wonderful long weekend!

We ended the year with a little snow storm! There is just something very peaceful about the snow (after Peter's 5 hour commute of course, nothing peaceful about that).

2009 was a year we will never forget but are happy to see go. We grew, we changed, and are better people for the battles and struggles we faced in 2009 and we look to 2010 with excitement, joy, and hope!!!!


Maria D. said...

What a full year! Thanks for sharing!