Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Wow, what a surprise the weather was today! I always say that if the weathermen are not calling for snow, it will snow. If they call for it - don't be disappointed when it doesn't happen.

So I have this awful cold right now but I'm trying to tough out my work week and not have to use any of my valuable vacation time. I went in for 7 hours today and finished up some computer work I had to get done. I have to be at work tomorrow for the worst day of the year - inventory, blah! So I left work around 12:45 this afternoon.

Soon after arriving home from work this happened:

At this point in time (I estimate it being around 2:00 PM) I called my wonderful husband at work and told him that I was worried about his commute and that if it kept up I thought he should Head home. He assured me that his commute would be fine. About 30 minutes later I called him again warning him that the ground was covered and that I REALLY thought he needed to start coming home. There was still no snow in Portland so he felt pretty safe still. Around 3:30 when the snow started to stick in Portland he decided to take my advice and come home early. After about an hour of driving and just barely getting off the freeway he decided it was no longer safe to drive on the roads in his Honda Accord and decided to park it in Fred Meyer. He sat there for over an hour and ate dinner at Subway before deciding to try to make it the rest of the way home. His normal hour commute became a 5 hour commute today! Yuck! Fortunately he made it home safe which is really all that matters!!! Us Oregonians really don't know what to do when it snows.

We anticipate that so far we've gotten about 3" of snow which is quite a bit for us, unless you want to count last years over a foot of snow, but that isn't normal by any means. We are thinking that the snow is done and the rain is going to start anytime. So after Peter got home after 8:00 PM tonight we decided to make the most of it!!!

So I got my coughing, sore throated, ear aching body all bundled up and we took our puppies out to play in the snow!

The dogs LOVED the snow this year! Indy was hopping around like a bunny rabbit and running as fast as his legs could move. Juno loved eating the snow and catching snow balls! Even Indy was catching and eating the snow!!!

Daddy with his very hyper and happy babies! Daddy was pretty happy himself with some snow on the ground :)

Our cute house :)

As frustrating and worrisome as Peter's commute was and no matter how sick I am right now - I have enjoyed this little snow storm!!!


Maria D. said...

Wish it would snow here! Georgia just doesn't seem to have it set for White Christmases. Oh well.