Saturday, December 26, 2009

Getting it Together - Week 1 Down!

So this plan to get in shape around the holiday's is actually working out quite well! The best part are the small work weeks while I am dealing with sore muscles. I feel confident that the soreness will be gone by the time I get back to work for 40 hour weeks. Something else positive is that since I am just starting out I am more conscious of what I'm eating then I would be later on. I decided to not take the eating too seriously until after the holidays are over. I will follow Spark people's plan for breakfast, lunch, and all snacks but I do not plan on following it for dinner. It is just too expensive and too time consuming after a long day at work. Instead, we will still follow the freezer meal plans for dinner as they are very economical and actually pretty healthy. If nothing else, I will just throw more veggies in it :)

I just completed my 5th workout! I still find myself really struggling with workout motivation but I am doing my best to keep my commitment to myself. The first workout was eye opening for me. I swear I am in some of the worst shape I have ever been in! Fortunately things have been getting easier much faster than I expected which helps boost my confidence that I wasn't THAT out of shape. All I can do right now is My Fitness Coach, which is pretty convenient and does actually give me a pretty good workout! I look forward to being able to get back outside but that is still months away. I guess I do technically get quite a bit of cardio at work just by standing all day so I really should be focusing on strength training which My Fitness Coach works wonderfully for!

I am very pleased with my eating habits this week - considering it WAS Christmas! Besides eating a few cookies I haven't eaten any dessert (yet, I know I will break that one before the weekend is out). I have just gone with the philosophy if I really really don't want it, I shouldn't have it and honestly I haven't even really wanted anything. I don't know what is wrong with me, NOT wanting Grandma Fair's apple pie - seriously?!? So all things considered I have done awesome with the eating habits and it is showing!!!!

So the best part! I did take a BEFORE fitness evaluation complete with measurements but I will only retake those to check my progress every 10 workouts. For now, I am also weighing in every Saturday morning. I am really not focusing on the weight as much as the measurements. I really want to tone my muscles and I know that to accomplish that my weight will not change as much. Well, imagine my surprise when I weighed in this morning. Now I cannot remember what time of day I weighed in last Saturday, I believe it was mid-morning not first thing in the morning so this could be somewhat deceiving. Anyway - based on my weight this morning I have lost exactly 5 lbs in one week! That was motivating and really helped me with my workout motivation this morning! Now I plan on being honest with my gains/losses on here because I know telling you all how I am doing is going to be the best motivation ever ;) I do tend to fluctuate in weight a lot so I wouldn't be surprised to see this number back up next week but I am going to try my best to not disappoint and enjoy this number for a week :)