Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas in our house

Christmas has hit the Keyser house! Even though we were technically in our new home for the holidays last year - we were still unpacking so we didn't really decorate so this is our first official Christmas in our new house!

My North Pole Christmas Village all set up!

The awesome Disney Tree I received last year for Christmas! (With over 200 Disney characters)

Now some of my favorite Christmas ornaments:

The first ornament I bought for Peter for our first Christmas together. It says Sweethearts 2004!

This ornament I have owned for many years. I collect All God's Children Figurines and I have several of these collectibles and a few ornaments. When I opened the box and found this ornament with the others this year it struck a special place in my heart for our little guy who is on the way! I had no idea when I started collecting these figures years ago where my life would lead me :)

My mom bought me this ornament to commemorate my "paper pregnancy". Seriously, I develop a lot of the hormonal symptoms myself these days.

I call this one my "Small World" ornament. It is turned to face Ethiopia where our hearts are right now!

Oh yes, I can't forget miss Tinkerbell at the top of our tree!

My precious little Sweet Pea ornament!!!

This ornament I made in remembrance of my brother John who passed away when I was younger. We have a Tree of Remembrance at our local funeral home that I made this ornament to go on for him. I copied a Christmas Card but somehow spelled JOY backwards when I was copying it. It has spent several years on the Tree of Remembrance before returning back to my home.

We have a ton of Disney ornaments on our tree but some of them are more special than the others. This one we bought on our 2nd Anniversary trip to Disneyland last year.

Of course we have one to celebrate our marriage!

And one to celebrate our first home purchase!

We have ornaments for our little Chinchillas! We also have some Schnauzers so we really need to try and find a boxer.

My grandma who passed away this year always painted ornaments for us and this is my favorite one that she painted for me.

My great-grandma also made us ornaments every year for Christmas and this is one of my very first one's she made for me when I was a baby but it is my favorite.

And our stockings already all hung and ready for Santa! Looks like Santa already left something for our puppies (which they've already stolen and eaten a bag of treats Santa left for them). We have one more spot in the middle there waiting to find out if we'll be getting a baby boy or baby girl!

Lots of great memories and traditions go into this time of year and I really do enjoy having the tree lit up and being able to pull out years and years of Christmas memories. It has been fun to watch more memories grow and develop on our tree just in the last few years and I can't wait to see our tree develop as the years go on :)