Tuesday, February 2, 2010

June Bug's Troubles

Our sweet little hairless baby always seems to find a way to keep those vet bills coming! If we were able to, she is definitely a pup that could use that pet health insurance.

First it was a staph infection

Then she ripped off a dew claw

Then she had other skin problems that she went in for

and now I had to take her in because she had a really bad ear infection. Juno hates going to the vet, but she actually did really well this time with them.

Apparently ear infections are quite expensive and $230 of our hard earned cash later we were on our way home. It is all worth it for our much loved puppy but it doesn't end there. Now we are doing allergy testing on her because she is consistently having skin problems. So she is on a special diet of bunny food (literally it is bunny and potatoes) for the next 8 weeks with no treats or scrap food and hopefully that will help fix her itchiness. Otherwise we will move on to some other tests and we don't want to have to do that.

They also want to do a biopsy on some bumps she has. The vet said he had never seen so many little bumps on a dog but he believes it could very well be just a part of her skin condition. We will eventually do that but with that costing $350 it is not high on our priority list right now.

Just when you think you are getting somewhere financially - stuff happens. We need to finish up on this last $6000 we need for the adoption travel expenses. Plus did you know baby stuff is really expensive? At least we've done a really great job of getting most of the baby stuff taken care of before now. Peter married himself a planner and while people may laugh, I sure am glad the baby's room is ready and we've got a closet full of diapers, wipes, formula, clothes, bottles, baby lotions - we're ready :)

We are starting to feel like we are entering "crunch time". I am doing everything I can to put myself into a position where I will not have to return to work after the baby comes home. We've been doing our best to save money so I can take at least 3 months off of work completely (saving is REALLY hard when you are also raising money for an adoption) and then if we can get our darn Jeep paid off - that will also release a lot of financial stress on us. It's going to be a close call on that one, but even if we can get that thing CLOSE to being paid off it will be a great victory :)

I am so glad we were introduced to Dave Ramsey's program a year ago!!! His program has given us a lot of peace of mind that we can and will have financial freedom someday!!! Being a stay at home mom is going to be a lot of work for our budget, but I know we can do it and it is definitely a decision that we will not regret!!!

The best thing is that my little June-bug is feeling MUCH better tonight and is on the mend!!!


Maria D. said...

Glad to hear Juno is recovering. :)

Platinum Rose said...

Yikes! I am glad she's feeling much better now at least. But boy that's expensive! I hope the bumps turn out to be nothing when you do get them examined. One of my yorkies had to get a biopsy of a bump next to her eye, and it turned out to be a tumor, but was benign thank God. That would be very fortunate if you're lucky enough to be able to stay at home with the baby! Wish I could!