Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Randoms

I realized I haven't updated our blog for awhile..... sorry if read the family blog!

The last few weeks have been pretty good. We've been plenty busy with little projects. I've distracted myself from thinking about the waiting (lies, lies, lies). Okay, I've TRIED to distract myself from the waiting and while the distractions do help, nothing can completely help. We are #9 now so still sloooowly getting closer to our little man!

Now lets talk about another precious little man. I was able to spend a few hours with my sweet little nephew last weekend. He was almost 6 weeks old. He is getting more interactive which I love! He is starting to coo and smile and is just adorable. It has been way to long since we've had a baby around.

So cute!

Last weekend we tried to make a Mardi Gras King Cake. I come from a lineage of bread makers but I've never had the guts to try it for myself. Homemade bread dough intimidates me, but I figured I would give it my best shot. Well everything worked out well except for a minor glitch while it was rising. Okay so the minor mistake caused me to have to start over, but the second batch of dough turned out much better so it all worked out! I tried and I conquered!

Our finished King Cake

Also my grandma finished a blanket for Baby Dash! I absolutely love it and it looks awesome in his room!!!

So that about covers it. We hope to take advantage of the nice weather today and pull weeds and trim roses and cut the grass (earliest grass cutting EVER!). The weather is gorgeous and you have to take advantage of it before it disappears for the next few months. I have to work overtime this week (yuck!), Juno has to have surgery (more on that in another post), and Peter has an exam on Friday (yuck!). Yep, quite the week ahead.


JonesEthiopia said...

Just found your blog through facebook... Your post below-- yeah, I've been there. The waiting is so hard and painful at times. Yes, all in God's timing, but like I've said before, that doesn't mean I like it!!

Platinum Rose said...

He's a cutie! Great job on that king cake, I'll have to try doing one some year. I've never had one. That's a very beautiful blanket! How special!!

Maria D. said...

Yay!!!! Thanks for the update! Missed u!