Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bye Bye February.... Hello March!

So, how are things going?

Just fine ......I guess, thanks for asking :)

A more detailed response, lets see....

Things are going well for Peter at work. Hard to believe it has almost been a year since that dreadful day he was laid off. He really enjoys his job and I am so glad for that! His company is approaching their year end so I imagine things are going to get pretty busy for him soon! He just took another CPA exam yesterday. We're hoping for good news in the coming weeks on a couple different tests he's taken.

I had a long work week this week. I am not used to 50 hour work weeks anymore and it wore me out! I am still trying to distract myself from the waiting with different activities - cooking and baking has been a favorite distraction right now. I also have scrapbooking and piano playing ready for when the baking becomes less appealing.

Juno took another trip to the vet this past week. She has been keeping us up at night and just been really itchy. We have actually seen her conditions worsen since the food switch but we aren't sure if it was the food or the unseasonably nice weather we've been having that is making her miserable. We decided to go ahead and have the allergy testing done and forgo continuing with the food testing. It was quite expensive but in the long run spending $130 a year on shots will be much cheaper than spending over $50 a month on special food and I think she will be much happier. She has quite the bruise on her poor little neck right now to show for it. A trip to the vet is always traumatizing to her. They are testing her blood for over 40 allergens and hopefully we will have results in a few weeks. From there we have to learn how to give Juno shots and we will start out doing that every couple of weeks. For the time being she is on 6 pills a day to help with her itchiness and she is also on antibiotics once again for the staph infection that never goes away. In the coming months she will also need a biopsy on a spot on her head. Whew, it never ends for our poor little girl. And to think she isn't even 2 yet!!!

Nothing to report on the adoption process this week. To the best of my knowledge no referrals went out this past week. We have been waiting for our referral for 4 months now. I will get my monthly update call from my caseworker this week and I am hoping to ask her some more questions about this lag in referrals. I also plan to ask her about the referral process and just what we can expect when we get that amazing phone call telling us we have a son! The good news right now is that courts seem to be running smoothly and quickly. We do not want to get caught up in a long court process. So hopefully the courts will continue to run smoothly and after referral we'll be over in Ethiopia before we know it!!!


Maria D. said...

So poor Juno isn't really improving? My goodness. Poor thing!

Platinum Rose said...

Poor Juno :-( I'm so sorry she's having it so rough!

A 50-hour work week is rough, ick!

I hope Peter passed his exam!

I hope more referrals go out soon!