Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adoption Stuff!

This has been a pretty uneventful week. We worked and that was about it for us.

Juno got her allergy test results back and she was allergic to 25 of the 40 allergens they tested her for! The vet was surprised but I honestly was not that surprised. She's a hairless dog! Would we expect any less from her?!?! So from here we wait for the shots to be made. I say "shots" because she will have 2 vials of meds now because she was allergic to so many things. After that, we will go in for the appointment and they will give us all the details on her allergy's (she's mostly allergic to weeds and grasses) and he will show us how to give her the shots. We will give her shots every couple weeks and then gradually cut down to shots once a month.

The only other news I have is for our adoption process. We usually get our new official numbers the first week of the month. Apparently our agency has been very busy so no number call this week. Our agency has official numbers that calculate how many people are waiting in the program. So when a family gets a referral they send them all the information on the child and then the family has some things they have to do. They have to get lots of documents notarized, meet with an International pediatrician, have several phone calls with our agency - one with the transition coordinator who will help us come up with a transition plan for when the baby comes home. We have to complete this transition plan before we can send in all the referral paperwork. So the referral process can take up to 10 business days to complete. So even after a family gets a referral there name is not taken off the list until all the referral paperwork has been turned in. So I thought our official number this month would be #9 because I know 2 people who completed all their paperwork in February.

Our agency also sends out bi-weekly updates on Friday's. This calculates how many referrals they have sent out in the past 2 weeks. This number is for referrals that have been sent out but have NOT actually been accepted and sent back. It is confusing, but the exciting thing with this number is that our agency says they gave out referrals for 3 infant boys this week! So I thought that would put us at #6 for a boy.

Now stick with me :)

I do know that one family in front of us is waiting for a toddler 12-24 months so we can take them out of our count since we are waiting for a baby 0-12 months. So that would put us at #5. Well, today I got a comment on our adoption blog and that person said they are right in front of us in line (at this point I no longer knew anyone in front of us with the same parameters) and she said they got their new official numbers this week and they are officially #7, so that would make us officially #8 and drop us unofficially to #4!

Did I lose you in all that? :)

Basically it means nothing and is just a guess. We COULD be #4 but we're still waiting and have no idea how much longer we'll be waiting. It does tell me that I need to be sure and keep my phone on me at all times and if things continue to move - we could be meeting our little boy soon!

And honestly I feel bittersweet about that. I am so excited to see my baby. I am so excited to stare at his picture for the next several months and have a name and a birthday! At the same time, I'm extremely sad for him. If we really are #4 there is no doubt that bad things are happening in his life. He has or will be relinquished from his birth family very, very soon. He could be at a government orphanage right now. He could also realistically be at our agency's transition home right now. I feel so bad for him and his birth family. What a weird mix of emotions. He is definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

Well that about covers it. Hopefully we'll have our agency phone call this week and we will have some more info :)