Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Proof

We are still busy getting ready over here. Not knowing how old our little guy is going to be, we're just going off the assumption that he could be mobile. There are still so many unknowns and we clearly have no idea how many more weekends we will have before we take off to Africa so we're making every weekend count.

This weekend we're focusing on baby proofing! The more baby proofing we can do the less times we're going to have to get up and move him around and the more exploring he can do of his surroundings. We are moving around lots of things we don't want destroyed during this time of "exploring". All the movies that used to be housed under the TV are now safely in boxes in the closet to be replaced with baby toys! The stereo that used to be under the TV has been moved into the microwave stand. All the books and scrapbook albums need to find a new home!

Time to remove the tablecloth on our dining room table. Time to move cords and add outlet covers - we have a baby coming :) Time to move out chemicals from under the kitchen sink to a more safe location (yes, somehow our social worker didn't look under there and we got away with that one).

It is weird to think that in just a few months we're going to have a mobile little one getting into cupboards. Most people don't have to worry about all that stuff from the get-go. They can kind of move as the baby grows, but not us. We're expecting to go in full throttle and we want to be prepared :)

This week was quiet with referrals. It is tough to have a quiet week but I expected it. I am staying positive though, knowing that we really only have just a few more weeks of this waiting game. The weeks seem to be flying by and we are so close to getting the call that there can't be too many more weeks out in front of us!

I had the big talk with my boss this week. We discussed my plans for coming back to work. I told him what I would be willing to do. I want 6 months off before returning to week and then I want to return for 12-15 hours per week, split over 2 days. If this won't work, then I won't be returning. He talked with our HR department and they will not allow me to take that much time off. At 12 weeks I will have to voluntarily resign and then it will be at their discretion if I can return. If they have a need, then they will let me come back. Mainly he said they would probably try to bring me back to work on some special projects and such for that amount of time. We will see. He said to not even think about it for the time being because so much is going to change for us in the next 6 months. He wants to touch base with me after we've been home for 10 weeks and we'll go from there. I trust God will provide and guide us through this so I am really not worried about.

Juno's birthday is tomorrow. We will be having a party for her today - I will post pictures tomorrow!

What else? Oh, we had some good things happen this week! Early this week we received a grant through Steven Curtis Chapman's adoption organization Show Hope. This grant is a true blessing for us and we are so thankful that we got one! We definitely want to work hard to pay it forward and help support Show Hope in the future! Also we got word that Peter passed another CPA exam. This is the same one he had passed before, but it fell off after 18 months since he was unable to pass the rest of them in that amount of time. I am happy for him and proud of him for persevering through the tough times! It may not seem like too big of a deal since he had already passed it - but trust me it is! It is a confidence booster and I am proud of him :) He is all set to take another exam in mid-April and we're hopeful he'll pass that one too!!!


Maria Delgado said...

Praise God that thinsg are going so well! Praying for you two and your coming baby!