Monday, June 12, 2017

Chicago Day 3 - By Malachi

When we walked over to the museum, it was hot, super hot. 

On the way there we saw lots of boats and all sorts of cool stuff. 

We went to the museum (field museum).  And at the museum we met Harris. 

At the Museum there was a dinosaur. 

At the museum we had fun. We had lunch with Harris. When I first met Harris we had a great awesome time. Harris is an Ethiopian kid and he was in Ethiopia in the orphanage with me. 

We had fun and looked at mummies in ancient Egypt. 

And we took a picture and looked cool like cool bro's. 

And we looked at so many cool dinosaurs. They were awesome. 

We had a great time.

Dinner was fun with Harris. This was the last time I got to see him for the day.  We had a fun time in Chicago.