Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Letter To My Husband On Father's Day

To My Husband,

I cannot even tell you how honored I feel that you are the father of my children.  I always knew you were a great man and would make a fantastic husband. What I didn't know was the incredible father you would become.  I remember conversations about kids and how you wanted "a couple".  I never dreamed you would be up for whatever crazy idea or "one more" idea I would bring your way.

I remember watching you fall in love with the orphan through our first adoption process.  I saw a passion building inside of you to love and protect those who needed a daddy.  I remember how nervous you were the night before we met our baby boy, wondering if you knew enough or had what it would take. When you held him in your arms the first time, you never even had to look back. It was love at first sight and my heart fell so much more in love with you watching you love our son!  

And then a few short months later, you took control in a very difficult situation. You were there for both of our baby boys when I was out of steam emotionally and physically. You were my rock when I didn't have the capacity to remember what the doctors were saying. You carried us through those really hard days.  I couldn't have made it through without you loving me and our boys. 

And then another short year later, when most men would have lost their minds, you were ready for the challenge.  3 kids in 24 months. I saw you melt into pieces when your first daughter was placed in your arms. I know you don't think you parent the girls any different than the boys, but those baby girls have you wrapped! I saw a new softer side of you when you became a parent of daughters. 

And finally, you became a father for the 4th time. And I have to say, I fell even more in love with you watching you with this little girl. You were an old pro by this point in time. But not only did you love our little girl, but you showed God's love profoundly to her first mama who hasn't had many men treat her well in life.  The good man you are shined through in those days.  

When I think about you as a father the word "present" comes to mind.  You work so hard to provide for all your families needs so that I can stay home with these kids. You never complain about anything. You don't come home demanding time to yourself.  You come home ready to be present for your family and relieve me.  You don't complain when the housework isn't done, but instead offer to help me get it done. You never complain even when you're tired and the kids are all over you and want your attention.  You're more than willing to take them to practices or help make dinner. You shower them with hugs and snuggles. They are secure knowing you will always be there for them.  To protect and guide and provide. 

No matter the circumstances you are present here with us and I know I can always rely on my faithful partner to be there for our kids. And there is no greater blessing in the world than having you as the wonderful father to my kids.  Thank you for always being up for my crazy ideas, whether it is another kid, yet another house project, or even fostering puppies. Thank you for working so hard to provide for our family so that my dream of being home with my children could come true! Thank you for being an example to our children and showing them daily in actions and words God's love for them.  You love me and our kids well and there is no greater gift in life than a husband who is a wonderful Godly, present father. 

Happy Father's Day to the man who has made all my dreams come true!