Monday, June 19, 2017

1 Year of Puppy Fostering

One Year Ago we decided to do something to spring up some chaos in or home.  If you know anything about us, you know we kind of thrive on chaos. I guess things were getting a little too calm.  We hadn't had a dog in several years and while I knew we weren't ready for another dog yet, when I saw the rescue we got our June bug from seeking puppy fosters I thought it might be a great opportunity to help out and have a little furball to snuggle.  The weeks we were free, we could take in a pup but when we were busy or on vacation we didn't have to worry about getting a dog sitter.  Through the course of this first year we have fostered 32 puppies, mostly from high kill shelters in California and transported up here. All 32 pups found new permanent homes up here. I have even gotten updates on a few of them and it has been awesome to see how they are doing! 

We've learned a lot over the course of the year. Puppies are obviously a lot of work.  We've had hyper healthy puppies and we've even had a few sick pups along the line ranging from a runt with weak hips (who got a lot better over the course of the week) to serious issues such as parvo that when I dropped them off at the vet, there was a real concern he wouldn't make it (fortunately he and his brother recovered and came back to our home for 2 weeks and were adopted quickly after.  I've learned that sometimes two puppies is easier than one puppy (but not always).  I've learned that tarps under puppy pens and rubber gloves are a must!  I've learned that a whining puppy just wants to be with the pack and if you put the kennel right beside you at the bed most won't utter a peep.  I've seen puppies come in too scared to get out of their kennel and over the course of the week heal and love the kids and family life!  The best part has been seeing our kids.  Sure they sometimes get annoyed with them, but the responsibility is good for them and they shower those pups with love. The kids are learning to love and be gentle and caring.  The pups are learning that kids, even wild and crazy ones like mine are good!  There have been times that it is really hard for the kids to say goodbye to certain pups and I may have shed a tear or two saying goodbye to a few of my favorites too, but I can say with confidence that the experience has been very rewarding for our family and as tough as letting them go can be, it is rewarding knowing that another one will come and maybe we had a small part of saving a few pups lives along the way!