Thursday, June 8, 2017

Chicago Day 2 - By Malachi

I woke up and I went down and had a fun breakfast. It was a fun morning. 

And then I went and saw some fun things at the park. 

Daddy had a class in the big tall building there, so mommy and I went to the art institute. 

We had a fun time and saw lots of big buildings 

The art institute was a little bit weird 

I saw fun things at the art museum, I had a fun time looking at the greek stuff. This is a cup that looks like a mask when you drink from it. 

I saw old money, it was super cool. 

There were lots and lots of pictures to look at 

At the museum there was lots of fun knight stuff and I know Eli would like it. 

We saw very cool weapons that were awesome

And we saw Ethiopian museum things 

The Ethiopian stuff was cool and we got to see an Ethiopian cross

And we got to see an Ethiopian sculpture or a book 

And we looked at awesome miniature houses. Sabrina, I know she would play with them all day and all night. 

We got donuts and mommy and daddy like them. 

For lunch we had Chik-Fil-A, I was laying down because I was tired. 

For dinner we went to a burger place (Shake Shack) but I got a hot dog and mommy and daddy got a burger.  

When we were done, we went to Hamilton and it was awesome. 

Hamilton was fun and a little bit loud. 

When Hamilton was done, we walked to our hotel. 

The day in Chicago was fun.