Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Chicago Day 1 - By Malachi

I try to go on trips with Peter whenever I am able to, especially when it is to a city I haven't visited before.  When I heard Peter was thinking of taking a class in Chicago I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to start using those companion tickets and letting a kid tag along with us and help me entertain myself during the day!  Since Malachi is the oldest, he was up first! 

I also thought it might be fun to let Malachi be the narrator for this trip report from his perspective (for the most part).

The day was fun!  I liked it. I am glad I am in Chicago. I woke up and went in the car to the airport. We had fun eating breakfast this morning. I had a doughnut. 

I am on the plane, looking out. The flight was fun. It was 4 hours. I sat down and I played on my ipad and looked around and I watched a movie. 

I was sleeping in the car because I was tired. The drive was not so fun because it was boring and long and it took an hour. 

I had dinner and ate pizza. This pizza is different than what I eat at home. It was good. 

We went to a big giant jelly bean.  I bonked my head on it. 

I ran and touched the water twice and mom took a picture of me and I got soaking wet. 

I went up to the highest floor and saw what Chicago, the big city looked like. 

I looked out and it was awesome. It looked so cool. 

It looked cool because I saw all the buildings.

I stepped out, I was so scared and it was awesome. 

I walked on, I was brave and I tried to never cry. 

I wasn't tired but I was laying down because I needed to. 

I had a great time. It was fun and it was awesome. I hope I have a good time tomorrow!