Wednesday, June 25, 2014

These Days

We had a crazy busy weekend of yard work this past week. Peter busted his behind the whole weekend to build me a wall! It is fun to see eye sores in the yard continue to transform into something nice!  The yard has been a huge project, but little by little we're making our way through the spaces and fixing them up!  

One such eyesore was in the corner of the yard.  We want to transform it into a wonderful garden space since it has full sun all day long. That was one of the first projects we wanted to accomplish this summer, even though we know we won't be able to plant the garden until next year. 

For whatever reason, I just loved the simplicity of this weekend.No commitments, just our little family enjoying summer in the backyard. The kids running around and "helping" daddy. It was really just a great time of watching our children who have grown so much since last summer!

                                            A snip it of hard work from last summer paying off!

                                                                It's a beautiful life!