Friday, June 6, 2014

10 Years Ago

Now, I know when you have a wedding anniversary you aren't supposed to still keep track of dating anniversaries and such, but like I said in my last post. We love any opportunity to celebrate so we still keep track of dating and engagement holiday's and random things in between!  And when you have as cool of a story as we do, which I think had a miraculous ending to get us together, well it's worth sharing~
It's hard to believe we are 10 years out of high school, but we really truly are!  10 years ago today, we were 1 day out of high school.  We, as most fresh graduates had the whole world in front of us. We had dreams and plans and hopes and I think I can say with certainty that our plans did not consist of getting into a serious relationship over that summer!  

I may have had a little crush on Peter  as we finished out the school year and Peter may have had a slight interest in me, but neither of us really let it show. We came from a VERY small private school and after graduation we did a few rounds of graduation parties between our classmates. Peter was having his party so I and a couple girlfriends stopped by there.  A few friends knew about my little crush and were heckling me a bit.  In fact, Peter's dad walked by us during the party and I remember them joking with me that "there goes your future father-in-law".  I was a little embarrassed thinking he might have heard that but I guess there was truth to the statement!  On the other spectrum, apparently Peter's uncle noticed me and mentioned to Peter before we all left for grad night that maybe he should consider me!  

And that began a crazy and weird grad night with our small class!  I remember sitting by him and chatting with him on the way to the coast. I remember playing games with him and that there were I think 4 of us who actually stayed up all night chatting and being goobers.  I did kind of notice that Peter was hanging out pretty close to me most of the evening but I REALLY didn't want to go there because I didn't want to make myself believe something that wasn't really there.

In the morning our class took a walk on the beach together. Apparently Peter was trying to get me off alone for a second so he could ask me out. But that never happened and we always had a group around us.  So he gave up.  Before long it was time to get back on the bus and head home.

Now I truly believe our story could have ended here. Who knows what that summer was going to hold for both of us and with our personalities I think we very well could have never spoken to each other again.  Fortunately, I believe God intervened and 14 miles from the coast (FYI - 14 has always been my lucky number) the bus broke down!  This gave us 2 more hours to sit in the back of the bus and chat and it gave Peter one final opportunity to work up the nerve to ask me to be his girlfriend!  As the inside of my wedding ring has engraved the same words, I am so glad he put himself out there and uttered the words "I'm interested" that day!  

Those two words really catapulted our relationship!  I don't think we've slowed down to catch our breath once since that day!  Within 2 months we were in love and started talking about marriage.  At 7 months we were engaged.  19 months to walking down the aisle!  Peter's gone from a graveyard dishwasher to save money for a ring to now being a CPA.  We survived 4 years of school and the hardships of a job layoff, bed rest and a premature baby.  We've bought 3 homes and gone from 900 sq ft for the 2 of us to 2800 sq ft for our growing family!  We've had 2 children together and have walked hand in hand through the adoption process twice!  We've served in Africa together and played hard in Disneyland 10 times!  We've fought unfairly and have grown closer and fallen more in love each day!  

We've created a beautiful life together and I can honestly say that there has not been a single moment of these last 10 years that I haven't wanted that man by my side!  We had no idea of how blessed our lives were about to be as we sat on the bus on June 6th 2004 - NO CLUE!  I am so thankful that God made that bus break down.  He saw the purpose our lives were meant to fulfill together!  

One of our first dates!