Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and I just have to say how blessed I am by the man that I get to raise my children with!  He is an incredible father who selflessly works so hard and does everything in his power for his family.  Not many people know this, but Peter puts in some serious hours at the office each week but still makes it home in time to eat dinner with his family and put them to bed. How does he do this? By getting up and going to work at 5 in the morning!  I think it takes a special kind of guy to make a sacrifice like that so he can spend time with his family!

As I did on Mother's Day, today I want to reflect on the first time I saw Peter hold each of his children.

The long awaited day came for us to go and pick Malachi up and while I was a total baby hog at first, he patiently waited for his turn and then I saw him totally become captivated by this little man.  Malachi and Peter have always had an incredible bond from day 1 and that has been fun to watch develop!  Peter was such a nervous daddy before we picked him up, worried about feeding him and changing diapers and such but got right in there and took charge like a boss! 

Peter really lived out his name meaning when Eli came along.  He was my "rock"!  He didn't hesitate for a moment to take charge of the situation when I was a huge hormonal mess that couldn't think straight. He never left Eli's side through those first few difficult hours and even road up to St Vincent's with him in the ambulance. This was a very scary time for Peter too but he held strong through it all and took really good care of me emotionally and physically and was there for Eli (and 9 month old Malachi) every second he could be.  I think Eli was about 2 days old before I let go of Eli long enough for him to get his hands on him, but I did eventually share.

And then there was the meeting with the princess! I don't care what he says, that little girl stole his heart from the first moment he saw her!  Her delivery was the smoothest of all the kids and I yet again, hogged her while Peter waited patiently to meet her.  But I know it was instant love at first sight!

For fun, I had the boys do an interview about their daddy today and these are the results with Malachi being 4 and Eli being 3. 

What is Daddy's favorite food?
Mal: Cookies
Eli: Strawberries

What is Daddy's favorite drink?
Mal: Water and Soda
Eli: Syrup

What is Daddy's favorite color?
Mal: Red and Blue
Eli: White

What is Daddy's name?
Mal: Daddy and Peter
Eli: Daddy

How tall is Daddy?
Mal: 2 feet
Eli:  White?!?

How much does daddy weigh?
Mal: 1234
Eli: no answer

What color is Daddy's hair?
Mal: Gray
Eli: Black

What color are Daddy's eyes?
Mal: Gray
Eli: White

What does Daddy do at work?
Mal: Works on his computer and does numbers.
Eli: nothing

What is Daddy's favorite thing to do?
Mal: Cook Dinner
Eli: Go to work

What is Daddy's favorite sport?
Mal: Soccer
Eli: I don't know

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?
Mal: Work outside
Eli: Play games, have tv, go shopping, play outside

Where does Daddy like to go?
Mal: Shopping
Eli: Toy store, outside, shopping

Why do you love Daddy?
Mal: Because I do
Eli: Because I love him.  Me love mommy too!