Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Story of Faithfulness

Peter is the type of man we like to describe as "loyal and hardworking".  They are great qualities to have and I am thankful that those are two words that can be used to describe him.  He is a very loyal employee.  So you must imagine my total surprise when I got an email from him at the end of January saying there was a position at another company he was considering applying for.  I am a researcher by nature so I used those abilities to scout out this place.  The more I read, the more we thought this place would be a great fit. Less of a commute, better work/life balance.  Some awesome perks and a pretty significant pay increase.  We began to wonder if things were too good to be true.

Next thing we knew, he was flying through their rigorous interview process and things were looking pretty promising.  Peter is such a hard worker and I was excited to think all of his hard work might finally pay off for the type of position he deserved!  We were praying so hard and really felt God saying this was his job!

Then the bomb dropped.  "It was a close call and they really wanted to hire him but chose someone with more experience.  But we still want you down the road."  Now, this was REALLY hard news to hear.  It felt like something so perfect had been taken away from us.   And more than that, I felt like we had been let down by God.  I know that sounds silly and ridiculous but I did wrestle with God about this for a few days. It just didn't make sense that He had told us this was ours and then the answer was no.  As we continued to pray we felt more and more that the answer wasn't a "no" but a "not now".  I can tell you that still wasn't the answer I was really wanting.  The last thing you want when you get your hopes set in something is to be told "wait for it".  I had some fears that I might be misinterpreting what I was hearing. I wanted assurance but He patiently reminded me that this is where faith is built.  It was completely out of my hands and all I could do was wait and trust that it would all work out in God's timing.  A real faith building exercise!

I kind of joked around that perfect timing would be if they came calling at the end of May after Peter got his bonus from his current job.  Then we just went along with our lives and Peter continued to work hard and make the best of where God had him.  That all changed when one morning towards the end of April I woke up to Peter telling me that the new employer had called and wanted to schedule a meeting about a potential opportunity as soon as possible!  This came as a total shock and was met with lots of excitement!  As all the details fell into place I remembered time and time again that God was being faithful to us! He said he would do it and He was! And more than that, He was putting Peter where he wants him to be.  This new position will be even better for Peter's career than the path that Peter was seeking the first time around.  This will be a change of pace from sticking with Fed Tax which Peter has been doing for the last 6 years and he will be moving to the more challenging and fast paced world of International Tax!  It's going to be a huge adjustment for all of us, but we are both very excited for this new opportunity!  As it all worked out, it happened in the exact timing that I said was ideal! God is faithful in ALL things!