Monday, June 2, 2014

Relaxing and Celebrating

Peter and I used to love to come up with any excuse to celebrate something. Well, we actually still enjoy doing so but usually can't find the extra time or income to make it grand.  We decided a weekend away was long overdue!  As we did the math and tried to calculate the last time just the two of us went away (minus business trips because Peter is gone half the day, mission trips, or trips when I am pregnant and not feeling well) it has been over 4 years since we did so.  So, really it was before kids :)

Since we couldn't do 3 separate celebrations we decided to make this an epic weekend away and celebrate his new job, 10 years since we started dating (on June 6th), and baby moon all at the same time!  

We booked a weekend away at a very nice hotel at the coast and had an incredible time just relaxing and enjoying time together!  I think we both left realizing we NEED to make this a priority a little more often than just once every 4 years!  Hopefully with more vacation time and added income we might be able to make that more of a reality!  For now, my goal was to send Peter off to his first day of work relaxed and we've now "baby mooned" and so the new little mr and miss is welcome to join us at anytime ;)  

(This is what happens when apparently every restaurant in the town shuts down early - you improvise!)