Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Book Club!

These sweet boys love to read!

And this summer they are getting rewarded to do so (and Bina too!).  For these summer months, the boys have signed up for the Usborne Book Summer Reading program.  The goal is to read (or in this case for Mommy to read to them) at least 20 minutes per day for a total of at least 400 minutes of reading this summer!

I don't think anyone doubts the benefits of how important reading or being read to is for kids and we're taking more time out in the coming months to make sure and dig into some books.  The really cool thing about this is that the kids are able to ask for sponsors.  75% of their sponsorship will allow them to pick out books for themselves and the other 25% goes towards books for children in foster care.  If you would be interested in sponsoring the kids this summer as they try to meet their goal of 400 minutes of reading and allow them to pick out some really cool books at the end as a reward, shoot me an email at

Regardless of whether or not they get any sponsors, we've really been enjoying the summer reading program and the extra time we have to sit together and enjoy a fun book!