Friday, March 29, 2013

One Week Update

It's been a week of late nights and steady progress on the new house! There haven't been too many exciting updates to post because it has been mostly small projects leading up to some big projects but we're getting there! 

The closet and Door were framed and carpet was removed from the boys room:

                                                     Boys played and played and played!

The fireplace was removed and the hearth was taken back.  Someone came and took the fireplace:

                                                The mermaid princess room was painted!

There were wide gapes in the railing on the stairwell so we (meaning the men) recycled the railing off of the loft and added them to the stairwell to make it safer for the kids!

The downstairs bathroom was painted (twice!) 

Here's to another week of good progress!


Mama Mimi said...

Those little pot belly stoves are so cute but a pain in the butt (we have one here). I LOVE that you are replacing it and can't WAIT to see how it turns out. If we end up in this house for a couple more years we may need to do that as well....but I'm hopeful we can get a house with two stories.