Saturday, March 23, 2013

Home Sweet Home

So, remember back a little bit ago we, kind of spur of the moment decided to put our house on the market and begin looking for our new "dream" house?  And remember how I said this was going to be our calm year way back in December?  Yeah, so that pretty much isn't going to happen!

So, back in January we began dreaming of a bigger house.  We have a pretty tight budget and lots of big dreams! This will be our 3rd home and we're ready to be in our "forever" house now where we can stay put for the long haul! Our main criteria was that it needed to have 2 living spaces, a big yard, ideally be around or bigger than 2500 sq ft, have a nice master, and the big kicker - it needed to have 5 bedrooms!  Add all of that together and we're looking at a pretty lofty goal especially in the area we live.  

We kind of felt like we were looking for the impossible and had been highly considering the option of building, but that has added costs of its own factored in so we weren't sure how it all was going to work.  Well, then everything fell into place and here we are today getting keys on this AMAZING and lovely home that met every single one of the criteria we were looking for  - how incredible is that?!?  We have been truly blessed!  And as an added bonus Grandpa and Grandma literally live in the backyard.  The kids are already loving that feature!  

So, as projects carry on and we dig in to the nitty gritty of making this house our own, you will be seeing some new updates.  Pretty much the only room NOT getting renovated is the kitchen so here's a glimpse of that for you!  The more time I spend in the house, I love it even more!  This kitchen is huge compared to what I have now and I know I am going to love working in it!  

The first assignment for the man folk of the family is turning this beauty of an office/loft into what will become a 5th bedroom. This will become Malachi and Eli's room!

The room actually had some really nice built-in shelves and such and the guys can certainly vouch for how well they were installed :)  We hope to reuse at least the book shelves, unfortunately they just won't work in this space.

It was very difficult to entertain the boys on this first night but movies worked well for Malachi!

Nothing like learning you'll need to replace some carpet. Have to love those unexpected "treats"!

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                                                 Yep, it's not coming down without a fight!

                                                        Every job must have an audience!

       Eli was so cute watching them work. He kept saying "oh no" and was very concerned about them breaking the house!

                                        And they got it done!  Now to put it back together again!

It was a late night and we all know there are many more long days and late nights ahead.  But we are also very excited.  This house has exceeded our expectations and will be an amazing house for our family to grow up in!  We're blessed!


Mama Mimi said...

Congratulations on the new home!!! How exciting!!!! I'm just giddy thinking about the changes you are making (but SO glad its not me haha...been there, done that). Can't wait to see the next update!