Tuesday, March 19, 2013

11 Months

Yep, she really is already 11 months old!  Time sure does fly when you're having fun (or a super busy mom!)

This gorgeous girl still delights our lives!  Nothing has changed there.  She's still the sweetest lil baby girl I have ever met and her cheeks are just too kissable. She's finally starting to grow some hair and it seems to be a light brown with some reddish tones in there too.  She also really looks like she is going to keep those blue/gray eyes!  Yay :)

Sabrina is now 18lbs 8 ounces so maintaining her position in that 10-25% for weight.  She is just now the weight that Malachi was when he came home at 3 months.  In general, she definitely has grown (and eats) way less than her brothers did!  She still mostly fits in 9 month size clothes but all of her spring stuff is 12 months so we've been pulling from there some too.  I really hope she will fit in all the 12-18 month summer stuff I got her.  Time will tell :)  We also recently bought her a first pair of walking shoes and she is in size 4!

She is definitely on the move now and is finally crawling the "normal" way.  She is also pulling herself up on anything and everything and loves us to walk her around the room!  I still think we probably have a couple of months before she will be walking but this whole stage makes me so nervous! Can't wait for her to get a bit more steady on those feet.

She is also very vocal!  She already knows a lot of words and tries (and succeeds) at mimicking a lot of the words we say.  This MUST be a girl thing!  She's going to be a chatty one :)

We are also still toothless.  I'm not at all surprised since Eli didn't get any teeth until after 12 months.  She actually looks like she has two teeth coming in but they are not her front top or bottom teeth so she just may be doing this whole teething thing out of order.

She is also almost exclusively on people food now! All of the kids have been pretty easy to get off the bottle by 12 months.  She is now only drinking one bottle per day and that bottle comes at bedtime. Otherwise, she wants whatever her brothers are eating!  She is also almost completely transitioned to whole milk.  She's pretty much eating anything and everything these days.  Big girl!

Gosh, baby girl. I really can't believe that here we are on the brink of your very first birthday already. This year has gone too fast for me.  Hard to believe that one year ago I was huge and so uncomfortable as your little foot was always digging in to my ribs.  We were on baby watch and had no idea how long it would be before you made your appearance and I was completely shocked that we had to serve you an eviction notice when we did!  And now, here you are such a big girl.  We love you more than words can say!  You are perfect in every way!


Lauren said...

So precious! love that our little girls are the same age! And it's funny how similar they are (at least at this stage). Callie also has no teeth, also is a petite little thing (17 lbs), and also eats all "big girl food" now! Oh, and is also in that same in-between crawling and walking stage! Maybe one day we'll meet in person...you know, we are big Disney lovers, but haven't been in our adult lives. We are HOPING to be able to take Eden to Disney World this fall for her 3rd birthday...we'll see if we can pull that off with another adoption in the works (you know the financial stuff around that!). ;) Take care!!