Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wall Raising!

While the littles (and I) were doing lots of this:

The big folk were doing this:  

We have a framed bedroom for the boys!  My role in all of this is not nearly as exciting as everyone else's since I am spending my day doing what I do everyday - watching kids.  But someone has to do it right?

And since my in-laws read this (who I imagine are feeling a bit on the tired side right now) I want to take a second and say how much we appreciate all they do for us.  They are literally always there when we need them and his home project is no different!  This is the 3rd home we have purchased and just like every time before they are right there alongside us pulling late nights and doing back breaking work!  I've been blessed with some pretty great in-laws which I know not everyone can say :)

Still lots of work to come so stay tuned!