Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shamrock Run!

Well, I have "officially" completed my first real race!  We did the color run back in September but I was sick and it was definitely more of a walk than a run for the masses!  

So it was up bright and early to make Peter's early start for his 15K!  It was a pretty darn cold morning for all of us!  But before long it was time for him to go run run run!

The boys spent the night at Grandma Fair's but miss Bina got to tag along and be part of the early cold morning cheer squad!

Unfortunately I didn't get to see Peter finish his race.  I had to get off to the starting line for my little 5K but the cheer squad got some good pictures of him :)  I was super proud of Peter because he is currently recovering from a knee injury but was still able to handle the tough hilly race and finish at an 8:15 MM pace!

After his race he came over to meet me and run mine with me, but unfortunately about a mile and a half in his knees just couldn't handle anymore and he had to stop and walk but he told me to keep pressing on. It was definitely not my best time and showed me where I had areas to work on but it is a starting place and I finished at an 11:00 MM pace.

We came and we finished and had a pretty good time. Races are definitely great motivation to keep at it!  Hopefully we will get another race scheduled for the spring and we will keep on training for our Disneyland Half Weekend in September!