Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013!

Wow, I seriously had to take a moment this morning when I realized that today was already the start of April!  This year is going by soooo fast and now Easter has already passed! To compare this Easter to LAST Easter - whew this one was sooo much better!  Last year I was 9 months pregnant and up all night the night before with contractions and was SURE I was going to be having an Easter baby.  No such luck and little miss held on for another week and a half on me!  It made for a very tired and uncomfortable day for me!  T

Taking the day off to celebrate and think about the real meaning of the day and put aside all the work we needed to do on the new house and just enjoy my little family was just what we needed!  

So here are some pictures of memories made on Easter 2013!


Mama Mimi said...

Aww what beautiful pictures! Love the kids' matching outfits!! Happy Easter Keyser family!