Friday, April 5, 2013

Busy Bee's

Well, we are now 2 weeks into our possession of the new house and the hard work continues on!  Our goal is to be move in ready in one week and there is still a lot of work to be done.  Everyone is going to need a vacation by the time this is over!  

Here are some pictures of week 2 progress.  It will be fun to piece together some before/after shots when this is all done! 

The family room nasty carpet has been removed and the floor has been raised!

                                                                     The wall got finished!

 This will be the upstairs playroom/homeschool room! The guys recycled these bookshelves from the loft area to use here.  All they need now is some trim pieces to complete the look!

This is a really large room and will be perfect for a play area.  Another sweet bonus is that we got to keep all the workout equipment that was in the house.  We plan to move it all down into the garage and will have our own little home gym!  You can also see in the corner there is a nice little office space!

Lots and lots of trim painting going on in this hallway!  

This is what will become our eventual nursery. Since I already have nursery bedding for a boy or a girl I didn't want to make any big changes so we went with a nice light blue and will spend more time down the road piecing it together. 

Sabrina's princess/mermaid room is now done.  The last piece of the puzzle will be carpet for her room, which we are hoping to take from the downstairs dining room and "recycle" it to this space.  It is kind of hard to see in this picture but her wall has an "ocean" effect going on. I can't wait to get to decorating her room!  

                                               The boys room from the inside is complete!

Here is our hard working crew (minus Peter who was taking the picture)!  They have all been working really hard to get the work done.  I brought the kids home around 8:30 last night and everyone else worked until 2:00!  I feel really bad for poor Peter who had to be up for work at 5:00. This move is the worst possible time for him as he is swamped at work right  now too!  

And the boys room got painted! This room is going to be pretty awesome when it is done so stay tuned!

And this is the family room all ready for carpet that will be put in today!  As you can see, we chose to take back the hearth and for now, frame over the fireplace.  Our ultimate plan includes putting a gas stove in there but as there are many bigger projects that are higher on our priority list, we decided that for the time being we will just Sheetrock over it and make it a wall!  

                                          And Eli and Daddy destroyed our master bathroom!

Lots of finishing touches to come.  Most of the demolition is complete at this point and from here it is painting and flooring and in general just piecing things back together!